About Us

I first discovered Europe through history, in school, and I became simply in love with it. There are so many different cultures and people on one continent – from the fierce Vikings to the fancy Italian lords. The number of customs that I have been exposed to when learning about every European country is amazingly huge.

Then, I had my first encounter with the European society when I visited Turkey for the first time. It was nothing like when I went abroad from where I’m living. The people there were so friendly and kind, despite the political tension present in the country at that time. I don’t even have to mention the views and the places filled with history – from churches to historical buildings and places.

After Turkey, Germany followed, a country in I found out that many, and if not all of the stereotypes about German people are fake. Germany was a place where I found polite and respectful people – even during events. No one was going out of their way to show you that they know you are a tourist.

Europe is indeed one of the most astonishing continents on this Earth. As I said before, one can’t even grasp the amount of history and different societies that mark it. What’s most beautiful is the fact that these live so close to one another, thus managing to influence themselves, giving birth to new history and society.

Now, European history and society are my two most beloved passions. Every day, I just want to find out more about what’s going on inside the continent. Therefore, I thought of sharing this information with you, because I know there are many people who love Europe as much as me, as well.

Of course, discovering Europe would probably be not so exciting if I didn’t have someone to share the things I find with. So, let’s all dive into Europe and explore what’s happening beyond the shores of Portugal and Great Britain.