Basic Policy and Law Basics


In designing the structure of new structure, I would choose to utilize the perspective of the free market. In the free market, Prices are not controlled by the government but are based on competition among private business (Baldwin, & Hippel, 2011). Further, free market is characterized by a decentralized order of arrangement through which individuals make economic decisions. Moreover, the law of demand and supply regulate the production and labor whereby, the company sells their goods at higher prices and the consumers are willing to buy. Additionally, the forces of supply and demand set the prices of goods and services freely which are then allowed in equilibrium profit with no government intervention.

Using free-market perspective, in a new structure, will enhance optimum allocation of resources whereby resources in the market are equitably distributed and allocated because the consumer is willing to pay for a particular quality of a product. Moreover, consumers will be ready to produce more and pay for raw material (Baldwin, & Hippel, 2011). Additionally, free-market perspective enhances consumer sovereignty and allows the buyer to have more choices on products.

Using free-market perspective in a new structure may be lead to substantial power beacause, a massive structure, may dominate established markets and exploit both sellers and buyers by charging higher selling prices to maximize profit. Comparatively, unprofitable goods may not be produced, and this may cause rural communities to suffer, for instance, undeveloped means of transport and rural hospital may not be profitable to run but are necessary.

The Constitution defines the principles upon which the state is based upon and the procedures on which law s are made.  According to structure, parliament has the supremacy to lay and assemble taxes, pay the debts and offer for the common defense and general health of the state. Additionally, it gives right to the migration of person, and importation of goods is not prohibited. Furthermore, according to the constitution, every citizen has a right to run a business in a manner that is fit as long as it is not a violation of federal laws. In this case, initiating new healthcare organization there will be no adverse effects as long as the institution will provide quality services and will not go against the federal law.

The statutory law applies to and regulates private actions.  In case of any conflict exist between constitutional and statutory a court must resolve the dispute. The ruling is strictly constructed by the courts (Engers &  Doesburg,2015). .it is a written decree that usually becomes effective on a set date is written into the bill. It is import to review this source when initiating the healthcare organization because the general public quickly accesses it and it can be predicated. Moreover, the law is political independence whereby party politics do not dominate judges and courts.  Therefore, the bill will play a vital role in healthcare organization especially when requesting funds from the government since there will be no political interference

Case law takes place when judges rule on the fact of the particular situation. However, case law is not law until the judge rule the case, and it is not fair to punish someone on conduct that is not illegal. The common law expands on and implements legislation whereby the wording of the acts is broad and provide general instructions. The same rule applies to a new initiated healthcare organization because it ensures stability and consistency to the legal system (Engers &  Doesburg,2015).