Here is a list of some useful books or sites that can help you learn more about law or politics:

  • https://abovethelaw.comAbove the law is, well, as its name suggests, focused on law. The website’s main aim is to give you news about legal developments and also about the institutions and personalities with power. It’s a really great news source if you’re interested in justice.
  • - When you want to follow news about politics, this blog is the place you can go to. It will tell you about the recent events in the world of politics, possibly telling you about things you didn’t know about just yet.
  • - This is a book written by Danny Dorling called “A Better Politics – How Government Can Make Us Happier”. As it may be obvious from the title, the book wants to inspire politicians to stop focusing on wealth and start working to make the population happy. Basically, it talks about how other things such as healthcare need to be prioritized above the wish for personal gain. It aspires for the greater good.
  • Guardian is already a very popular news source, so it wouldn’t be wrong if you went to them when you need your dose of political news. The political blog covers various types of news and makes sure to keep you up to date with what politicians are engaging with at the moment.
  • - Politico makes sure to keep all things political. It is too a good news source as it makes sure to provide you with the latest news you may want to know about. It covers a lot of topics, so you should try looking them up.
  • - Huffington Post is most likely not new to you, and if you’re into politics, you’ll be happy to know that the website also writes about political news. Try them out, and you’ll find a variety of political posts.