Privacy Policy/ Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

We may collect various personal and non-personal data from any of our users at the moment they access our website and/ or use any of its features. It’s important for you, the user, to know what information we collect and how we use it. Rest assured, the information you may provide us with will never be shared with any third parties or shared in general – unless we are required by law to do so.

  1. The Information That We Collect

When it comes to personal data, we may collect your name and/ or e-mail address so that our website will be able to perform some predefined tasks. For example, your name and/ or e-mail address might be required when you want to post a comment on one of the articles and/ or blog posts that can be found on our website.

Your name and e-mail address, as well as any other vital information, may be required when you wish to send us a message. You can send us a message through our Contact page. Vital information does not refer to private information. We will only collect the data that it’s needed for our website to perform certain tasks. The information we may collect when you send us a message will be collected only so that we are able to reply and contact you back.

Moreover, if you wish to subscribe to our newsletter or to any features that may be found on our website, you may also be required to provide the website with your name and/ or e-mail address. In this case, the data is collected only so that we are able to send you our newsletter and customize it for your experience. You may choose to unsubscribe from such services at any given time – you can do so by clicking on the unsubscribe button that may be found on our website or by contacting us.

In some cases, we may collect and keep logs of site usage. These logs may be shared with third parties or with the public, but only for the creation of statistics and such. Here is the data that we may collect from you in this matter:

  • Our users’ level of interest in certain areas/ pages of our website.
  • The number of times our users have accessed a certain page and for how long they stayed on that page.
  • The amount of time the users will stay active on our website and on one of its pages from the moment they accessed it/ them.
  • The type of browsers our users are using in order to access our website.

Keep in mind that the logs of site usage do not track you at an individual level. Instead, they are collected and kept under an aggregate form. Therefore, one or more users of our website cannot be uniquely identified via the logs of site usage that we collect and keep.

  1. How We Use the Information That We Collect

The information that we collect may be used in different ways, but only to improve our and your experience with the website and customize your personal experience at the moment you access our website. Such information may be provided by the cookies our website may be using.

The cookies are meant to keep track of the information that flows in and out of our website and they are used to customize the results given to our users. Keep in mind that, if you decide not to use or share cookies, you may experience limited access when accessing some areas/ parts of our website. In some cases, cookies are required for the aforementioned to work properly.

Moreover, the cookies cannot track nor find any of your personal information. Such information may be collected by us only at the moment you choose to share it with us, and definitely not before that. We value your privacy and the safety of your data!

We do not share any of the personal information that you provide us with any third-parties and we do not store the information that we collect about your visit on this website for use other than to analyze our content’s performance through the use of cookies, which you can turn off at any time by modifying the settings of your Internet browser. We are not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this website on other Web sites or media without our permission.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice. This privacy policy can be found at the bottom of our website’s page at any given time and it is your responsibility to access and read it.


Terms and Conditions

The use of our website means that any users that access it comply with the following Terms and Conditions. These apply to all of the users that access or have accessed our website. They do not apply to any of the unaffiliated websites that our articles or blog posts may link to.

Copyright Laws

All of the content that can be found on our website is protected by the copyright laws. This is because all of the articles or blog posts that we publish are our own intellectual property. You may also find articles or blog posts that belong to other people than us – in this case, we will take measures to give credit to those people and mention them/ link to their websites. In this case, the content is still protected by the copyright laws, as it still is the intellectual property of another individual.

Restrictions on Use

All of the content that can be found on our website cannot be copied, downloaded, adapted, or modified in any way. If you wish to do any of the aforementioned, you must contact us or any third parties that might be mentioned as the intellectual owners of the content on our website and request their written consent.

Limitation of Liability

We are not liable for any omissions or errors that might be found on our blog. Furthermore, we are not liable for the content that is published via the comments by the users of this website. We do not take responsibility for the actions of our users, be them inappropriate or offensive.

Lawful Use of the Website

As a user on our website, you must have a lawful behavior when you are using it. This means that spamming, racism, abusive, profane, and offensive content is strictly forbidden on our website, be it found on the comments section of any of our published posts, or inside one of our articles.

If we find any content and/ or comments that break these rules, we will delete them and/ or ban the users that are responsible for them from using our website.